John Lennon – Come Together (Under Cover UC-006)

Come Together (Under Cover UC-006)

One To One Concert, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY – August 30th, 1972 (evening)

(68:06):  Honky Tonk, Mind Train, Come Together, We’re All Water (rehearsal).  Mother, Imagine, interview, Come Together, interview, Give Peace A Chance, interview (One To One Concert, August 30th, 1972 evening)

John Lennon made very few live appearances.  The most well known was the One To One concerts held in Madison Square Garden in August, 1972.  Inspired by George Harrison’s Bangla Desh concerts the year before, these were peformed to raise money for children with mental challenges.  These turned out to be Lennon’s first full concerts since The Beatles’ last show in 1966 and his final concerts.

An edited version of the shows were officially released in 1986 on Live In New York City.  Video was also released and had some rotation on MTV and had a release on VHS, but have yet to come out on DVD.  

Come Together balanced three things on the disc.  First is a half hour rehearsal tape from the afteroon of the show.  Lennon, Yoko and the band play through various tunes including a long stab at Ono’s “We’re All Water.”  

Afterwards there are several songs from the LP.  “Mother,” with Lennon’s cheeky notaion that it’s from his first album since leaving The Rolling Stones, “Imagine,” “Come Together” and “Give Peace A Chance.”

Edited in these tracks is an eighteen minute long interview where he discusses his history, the creative process and (of course) The Beatles.  Overall, except for the rehearsal tape this is pretty useless.  All of this material has been out before in the same quality.  It would be great if we could have both One To One shows complete and the DVD released. 

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