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Pink Floyd “The Extraction Tapes .. ” samples


The new Pink Floyd boot CD has now been released and should be winging it’s way around the world as we speak.
One of the most highly anticipated releases in Floyd boot history this is certainly one that shouldn’t be missed.



We’ve been sent a couple of samples to whet your appetite with – why not tell us what you think in the comments below ..

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  1. I have the Sigma releases, WYWH appears to be pre-mix, Shine On is one song not separated and does not include saxaphone or ending requiem, instead it fades out during the jazzy improv before the requiem. Sounds like the Household Object song from the Immersion Box is used in the intro. Stunning is al lI can say. Welcome Machine is nothing but the bass and synthesizer and is sung by Waters in an almost guide vocal type delivery, it sounds like Empty Spaces from The Wall. Cigar and WYWH may be the versions used for the Immersion Box but I have not compared, but if not, they are close to those versions. Sigma included a CDR copy of the original UK vinyl album release, I have not listened to this. Some hiss is present, maybe a cleaner tape exists, who cares, this release is stunning including the artwork. Animals seems more post mix, Dogs is mainly sung by Roger and the guitar solos are different, some solos are missing and the middle barking dog industial ooze section is missing linking the first part up to the ooze section directly to the guitar strumming outro from the ooze. Pigs on the Wing is in it’s eight track guitar solo no separation version. Pigs 3 is almost the album release version but with no voice box in the middle section and no stunning guitar solo outro. Sheep is the Raving and Drooling version and is the highlight of the disc for me. Sigma included a CDR copy of the original UK vinyl release and a CDR copy of the UK vinyl version used for DJ promotion. The DJ promo has a couple of cue indexes during songs assumingly for commercial programming breaks. I have not listened to the original UK vinyl CDR yet. As stated previously, some hiss, stunning release, including artwork. One of the all time great Floyd tapes to be released for true collectors.

  2. The Sigma Wish You Were Here outtakes title adds WYWH with Stephanie Grappelli not on this title. The Sigma Animals outtakes adds Pigs on the wing part 1 & 2 as well as something titled Message from the Sheep (field recording) not found on the above title.

  3. does this title include the same tracks as both SIGMA releases?

  4. It pisses me of that Animals got left out of the deluxe treatment.

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