New Rolling Stones release on Dog n’ Cat

It wasn’t going to be long until this appeared but after appearing on IORR earlier this year, the so-called ‘Virchov tape’ has now been pressed to silver disk. The rest of the CD concentrates on various snippets posted to the forum by another poster with a few other ‘Undercover’ era odds and ends.

1. Wanna Hold You
2. She Was Hot
3. Can’t Find Love
4. Can’t Find Love
5. What I Am Saying Is True
6. What I Am Saying Is True
7. What I Am Saying Is True

Unidentified 8-track basement studio demo tape, Paris, France, Mid-October – November, 1982

8. The Golden Mile
9. Christine
10. Dance Mr.K.
11. Forty
12. Heartbeat
13. Identification
14. In Your Hand
15. All About You (Train Song) *
16. Undercover Of The Night (WYSP radio version)
17. She Was Hot (full version)
18. Keep It Cool (no remaster 21 min version)

Pathe Marconi Studios, Boulogne Billancourt, October – November, 1982 / January – February, 1983 Compass Point studios, Nassau / The Hit Factory, NYC April – May, 1983 (Apart from *Pathe Marconi Studios, Boulogne Billancourt, October – December, 1977)

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