Eric Clapton – Bought Bootleg Whiskey, Champagne And Wine (Tarantura TCDEC-78-1, 2)

Bought Bootleg Whiskey, Champagne And Wine (Tarantura TCDEC-78-1, 2)

Memorial Coliseum, Charlotte, NC – March 24th, 1978 

Disc 1 (43:05):  The Core (fade in), Worried Life Blues, Peaches And Diesel, Wonderful Tonight, Lay Down Sally, She’s In Love With Rodeo Man, Fool’s Paradise, Cocaine

Disc 2 (44:38):  Double Trouble, Badge, Nobody Knows You When You Down And Out, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, Key To The Highway, Layla, Bottle Of Red Wine

Eric Clapton and his merry band of musicians played in Charlotte, North Carolina about a week into the second half of the Slowhand tour in early 1978.  The tape documenting the March 24th concert is a thin but very clear soundboard.  The opening notes of “The Core” are missing but is otherwise complete.  

It was previously pressed and released on World Tour 1978 (EC Rarities – ECR-005/6) many years ago.  Bought Bootleg Whiskey, Champagne And Wine on Tarantura uses the same tape source with the same cut at the beginning.  It is probably from a lower generation because it is slightly more complete.  “Cocaine,” which cuts out on the EC Rarities release, is complete on Tarantura.  

As Slowhander pointed out in his review of the EC Rarities release, by this time the shows opened with “The Core” instead of the more placid pairing of “Peaches & Diesel” and “Wonderful Tonight.”  Clapton regrettably dropped the long song from the live repertoire after this tour.  It’s one of his more catchy riffs and epic performances.  

They follow with the slower “Worried Life Blues” instead of “Next Time You See Her.”  The band seem a bit confused afterwards so Clapton shouts “Peaches And Diesel” off mic.  The pretty little instrumental, which was only played on this tour, serves as an elegant introduction to “Wonderful Tonight.”

After “Lay Down Sally” Clapton sings the Don Williams country / western cover “She’s In Love With A Rodeo Man.”  Part tribute to his influences on Slowhand and part a break from all the blues in the set, it was only ever played in the first half of 1978 and is a nice addition.  Marcy Levy follows with a stand out vocal performance in “Fool’s Paradise.”  

Spirited versions of “Cocaine” and “Badge” surround the blues dirge of “Double Trouble.”  Levy has another startling vocal performance in “Nobody Loves You When You’re Down And Out.”  Her sardonic delivery conveys a strange worldly wisdom.

Clapton closes the show with “Layla” which includes the second half.  George Terry in particular shines with the slide guitar, especially at the song’s climax.  The only encore is a rousing version of “Bottle Of Red Wine.”  The Derek And The Dominoes number sounds strangely dated but is still a fun way to end the evening.  

Bought Bootleg Whiskey, Champagne And Wine (the title borrowed from “Nobody Knows You When You Down And Out”) is packaged in a gatefold cardboard sleeve adorned with many great photos from the tour.  Overall this is a nice upgrade over World Tour 1978 and is worth having.  

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