Rainbow – Risin’ (Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-1-1/2)


Rainbow Risin’ (Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-1-1/2)

Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan – December 16, 1976 (evening show)

DISC 1: (63:08)  Opening, Jingle Bells, Over The Rainbow, King The King, Mistreated, Sixteen Century Green Sleeves, Catch The Rainbow, Lazy, White Christmas, Man On The Silver Mountain, Blues, Starstruck, Man On The Silver Mountain (Reprise) 

DISC 2: (53:45) Tony Carey Keyboard Solo, Stargazer, Still I’m Sad, Cozy Powell Drum Solo, 1812 Overture, Still I’m Sad (Reprise), Do You Close Your Eyes, Over The Rainbow 

After Ritchie Blackmore left Deep Purple in 1974 because he became upset with the funk and soul sound that was being introduced to the band by David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, he formed Rainbow in 1975, the name influenced by the famous Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood, California and released Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. While still with his former band he recruited “Elf” singer and opening band for this tour Ronnie James Dio along with the rest of the original musicians excluding their guitarist.

He eventually fired everyone with the exception of Dio and hired drummer Cozy Powell, bassist Jimmy Bain, and keyboardist Tony Carey. Rainbow’s music was more influenced by classical and Dio’s lyrics about medieval themes. This previously unreleased clear and excellent sounding AUD source taken from “Song Brother’s original master cassette is in support of the 2nd album titled “Rising” and Rainbow’s first tour of Japan. What we have here is a fantastic performance

Highlights are Mistreated from Blackmore’s days with his former band, Catch The Rainbow, Man On The Silver Mountain from the first album, Still I’m Sad which was written by Jim McCarty and Paul Samwell-Smith of The Yardbirds,  This release is packaged in a gatefold with a live shot on the front, inside and back covers and includes a bonus poster inside with a scan of the actual ticket, picture of Blackmore holding the master cassette and several newspaper clippings written in Japanese and to top it off, each disc has it’s own stage shot printed on the top. This is limited to 200 copies.

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  1. This is a AUD recording.

  2. Quick question: Is it a AUD or a SBD recording?

  3. I picked up “The Bootleg Hall of Fame Anniversary” edition and this issue uses the same discs as mentioned above in my review. Considering the sound quality of some of the other Rainbow releases in my collection, this is a MUST for Rainbow fans. A very clear and detailed source.

  4. I did not get a copy of the first pressing but was fortunate to get a copy of the second issue. The packaging is different, the cover is the same but it is a slim line cardboard box adorned with pictures relevent to the era.The inside of the box has Japanese graphics like the Foojin release and individual photos of each band member. Disc 1 has the cover art and disc 2 has the back cover art and are housed in simple cd envelopes and there is a bonus poster with the Japanese style graphics, a copy of the concert ticket and what I beleive is the master cassette, a Sony C120HF tape. As previously stated in the review and the comments the show is great, the band in on fire. Blackmore and Powell’s jam on Lazy is incredible, they are seeing who’s wrist can outlast whose in an fantastic barage. The live versions of both Catch The Rainbow and Stargazer go so far beyond where the studio versions ever did, the impovisations flow effortlessly. Ronnie James Dio shines through also, his vocals bring so much to the band and he actually puts his own stamp on the Purple classic Mistreated. A fantastic release from Tarantura and if you missed the first edition here is your chance. This will be in the cd player for some time.

  5. I received this title a week ago and Im pleasant surprised. Its a new source I didnt know yet. I already have this show on 2 other releases being:
    – When Evening Falls (Rising Arrow)
    – The Complete Two Acts Through the Day (Demon’s Eye)

    When Evening Falls is a great source but you cannot really hear the audience. Its a very good gig to listen to soundwise and I even think this might be a soundboard.

    The complete Two Acts…is the less interesting soundwise,It wins with the package though.. A beautiful boxset with both the afternoon and evening show.

    The Tarantura version of this show is a great one also. The sound is unbelieveable clear. If you close your eyes you’re there!! I really dig this release and like to hear more from this taper! Package is wonderful also like we’re used from Tarantura. I really can recommend this title, you wont’t be dissapointed.


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