Recent new Tarantura releases

Recent releases from our Far East friend include more exclusive tapes among the rarities;

Eric Clapton and his band, ‘Kansas City’ features a single cd, incomplete soundboard recording from the 10th July, 1975 show at the Municipal Auditorium Kansas City, MO.

Eric Clapton and has band are joined by Chas and Dave for the encore on “The Rockabilly Rehabilitation”. A 2 CD set from the 5th of February, 1981 at the Rainbow Theatre, London.

A Rainbow show from the Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan on the 17th Jan, 1978 titled ‘Listen To This, Mr. Peach’, pays tribute to Tarantura’s regular vault contributor but there’s a twist – The tape isn’t his, it just carries his sound and quality.

Finally, from this year, an ARW show from their concert at the Orchard Hall Bunkamura, Shibuya, Tokyo Japan on the 18th of April. A 2 CD set featuring an audience recording of the show. There are, as standard, a few tracks covered at the show also including a Rick Wakeman solo rendition of ‘Life On Mars’.

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  1. It could also be “ta’-ran-too-ra”. As I understand it, from my Japanese friend, the Japanese do not stress/ accent syllables as we do, or have long vowel sounds.

    I must ask her, as I should also like to know, having many of their titles. I have an interest in naval warfare, so last time I saw her I was busy learning how to pronounce the names of the ships in the Imperial Japanese Navy! In return, I stopped her mistaking Marmite for a chocolate spread, at the breakfast buffet…

  2. Not a bad question! I’ve always pronounced it the former way (It just seems to fit with in the way that it might be pronounced in Japanese) though as I’ve only ever written it, it’s neither here nor there. Also makes me wonder about our European friends – Rattlesnake or Rattle Snake?

  3. Thanks for this info. Now, if no one here objects to my asking the most ridiculouslly stooooopid question ever asked here, how is the name or word “Tarantura” actually pronounced? Is it TARE-un-CHUR-ah, or is it tah-RANCH-uh-ruh, similar to the way the word “tarantula” is pronounced? I know of a boot CD dealer in the UK named David who actually kept calling it “Tarantula” when I bought a CD or two (or maybe even 3) from him back in 2007 (or maybe 2008), and ever since then, I’ve wondered about its actual pronunciation. Thanks to anybody who could kindly answer such a silly question!


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