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New titles from Rainbow, Pink Floyd, Queen, Boston, & Kraftwerk!

Blackmore’s Rainbow – Miami 1976 (Rising Arrow-057) is a 2CD set from Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, FL on July 15th, 1976. This features a bonus track “Blues (with Ronnie James Dio)”.

Blackmore’s Rainbow – Catch The Rainbow (Rising Arrow-058) is a 2CD set featuring a mix of tracks from Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan on December 5th & 9th, 1976.

Pink Floyd – Hamilton 1975 (Sigma 208) is a 2CD set from Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton, ON, Canada on June 28th, 1975.

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here / Animals Japanese First Pressing (no label) is a 2CD set sourced from “1982 First Japanese CD Pressing (35DP 4)” and “1985 First Japanese CD Pressing (32DP-360 11)” respectively.

Queen – Budokan 1979 1st Night (Wardour-265) is a 2CD set from Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on April 13th, 1979.

Boston – Definitive Giants Stadium 1979 (Zion-124) is a pro-shot DVD + stereo soundboard CD from Giants Stadium, The Meadowlands, New Jersey on June 17th, 1979.

Kraftwerk – Complete Nagoya 1981 (Virtuoso 373/374) is a 2CD set from Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan on September 13th, 1981.

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  1. The new Hamilton 75 is the Harvested “Steel Breeze” version, the Sirene edition has a warmer sound. Agree with aleebee the Definitive Boston 72 was junk. Many of the Sigma upgrades are marginally clearer but not necessarily better. Most of the “upgrades” releases are only processed differently and not lower gen tapes.

  2. Re PF Hamilton, have they said it’s an upgrade? Yes, I’m surprised it has taken them this long to get around to it, as I’ve always considered it a very decent listen.

    • Careful Axeman Eugene

      Yes…it’s been described as an upgrade, with “TRULY PERFECT SOUND” quality. Unfortunately, since it’s only 2 discs rather than 3, DSotM ended up being split between the 2 discs, but this particular time right between “Great Gig in the Sky” & “Money”…as it was on the original officially-released studio LP/album of DSotM. Disc 1 has a total playing time of approx. 78:30, & Disc 2 runs 57:32 long.

      • Thanks for the info. ‘Definitive Boston 1972′ was also described as’truly perfect sound’, I think, and it certainly isn’t. That said, Hamilton has a better source to stat with, so it may outdo Sirene’s. Shame about the split – sometimes I don’t begrudge paying for 3 discs instead of 2. I probably won’t hurry to buy this.

  3. Careful Axeman Eugene

    Thanks. Cool to see Floyd’s Hamilton 1975 show finally upgraded, as I figured Sigma would eventually. The live version of DSotM is one of my personal faves, and could very well be the hardest-rocking version of DSotM ever…almost as if it’s a heavy-metal DSotM

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