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New Lennon on HMC!

The Beatles and solo label HMC have just announced the arrival of their second “Oddities” set by John Lennon.


The oddities name is a bit of a misnomer as the set features predominantly demos for “Double Fantasy” & “Milk and Honey”. Given the labels propensity of unearthing new and rare Lennon material this should be another must have set but may set Chip Madinger’s excellent Lennon book – http://www.lennonology.com – back a little longer.

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  1. But of course .. HMC being reliably stingy with track listings, they had a couple of “Unreleased” tracks on their 7″ vinyl set earlier this year. Hopefully it all bodes well for an exciting Lennon release.

  2. If there are any new takes here, they are hidden by HMC giving only the most basic information. At first glance no potentially new track jumps out but only comparison listening would confirm this, of course.

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